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ADMIN:Sami, plays Kurt.
CO-ADMIN: Trevor, plays Blaine.


We are no longer accepting minor characters until the bigger roles are taken. To see what character's we are currently accepting, check out our masterlist.

ASK-THEGLEEKS is a roleplaying group centered around the television show, Glee, and based on events occurring in season four. It is canon up until "THE BREAK UP." This roleplay does not follow the show strictly canon, what’s kept and what isn’t kept from the show is completely up to you. Ask-thegleeks was established on October 30th, 2012.
As much as we hate to do this,

The decision has been made to officially close Ask The Gleeks. 

There was a lot of thought put into this and It’s been a wonderful year full of wonderful roleplayers, storylines and amazing friends but unfortunately nothing can last forever and it’s time to end this roleplay. There is many reasons why we reached this decision but instead of going into too much detail, I think it’s safe to say activity was a big factor in this. Having said that, everyone has been incredibly dedicated to this roleplay and not one time did any roleplayer give up hope for Ask The Gleeks and for that I thank you. 

But let’s not forget the great moments we experienced within this roleplay. We lasted just over a year and that is just mind blowing! Not once did I think this roleplay would last this long and I’m so proud of everyone who has been a part of it and I’m so grateful for having met such amazing people. I’ve said this many times before and I’m going to say it again; It truly felt like one big family.

This, however, doesn’t mean it’s the end for your character. A lot of you have created so many head canons and have gone through so many storylines and it would be a shame to just drop those characters, so please feel free to continue in small groups (1x1s,2x2s, etc.) I know we won’t be closing the OOC any time soon, so definitely keep in contact!

Trevor and I love all of you dearly and want to thank you guys for everything. We wish you the best of luck. 

- Admin Sami & Co-Admin Trevor


I know we were supposed to accept two days ago and I did, but apparently it never posted, so I feel awful for those who were waiting. However, I am happy to say that Roo has been accepted as the adorable Dani Harper! Please make sure you look over the new member checklist, and send in your account within the next 24 hours! 

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The role of Dani Harper will be closing today (12/30) at 5pm EST. If you need anymore time than that, please let us know off anonymous and we’ll wait for your audition!


I know we usually wait a few days, but I genuinely am pleased with the audition for Rachel Berry in our inbox, so I’d really love to welcome Haley to Ask The Gleeks! I’m sure you’ll fit in here just fine. Please make sure you look over the new member checklist, and send in your account within the next 24 hours! 

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